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Legislative Update: Payroll Deduction
Senate Bill 13 and House Bill 510 have been filed in Austin this legislative session to eliminate payroll deduction for dues to unions and professional associations. While the bills exempt police, fire, and EMS employees who may continue to use payroll deduction, the bills eliminate it for teachers and other public employees.

Because Texas is a right-to-work state, employees cannot be required to join a union or other association as a condition of employment. Using payroll deduction to pay dues to organizations like CHT is completely voluntary.

The Congress of Houston Teachers is a local professional association that saves members hundreds of dollars each year compared to members of other teacher groups who are required to join state and national organizations and pay dues to support political efforts. CHT does not give member dollars to political candidates or political action committees.

If you want to protect your choice to use payroll deduction to pay your CHT dues, contact your legislators and tell them that you oppose SB 13 and HB 510.

Find the name and contact information for your state senator and representative at “Who Represents Me?” While the legislature is in session, the “capital” phone number is best. If you prefer to e-mail, click the name of the legislator and you will find an e-mail link on their homepage. You may also search for other legislators you wish to contact under the “Member Information” tab.

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- you have changed home address, phone or e-mail.

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CHT retiree membership status

If you have retired from teaching, but have returned to work for HISD, click here to review this important information about your CHT membership.


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